Women Can Be Very Confusing… 

Impressing women is not always the easiest task, especially if she’s demanding and judgemental.

If you find the right woman, she won’t be demanding, judgemental, or make you feel less than the man you are.

It’s all about the energy. If you feel something going on between you and the girl you’re into, you really shouldn’t have to worry.

It should be natural and in a state of flow.

Unless the girl you’re into has other intentions in mind, she is looking for her true match which requires you to show her who you really are.

Here are 5 ways to Impress a Woman

Relax. It’s really not as hard as it should be.


1. Be Honest

If you lie, she will figure it out.

Don’t lie. There’s no point and you’re ruining any chances you thought you had. If you’re honest, she will appreciate the REAL you and actually find it attractive that you tell the truth.

Most people can’t even tell the truth… so if you can get this one straight, you’re already at a good pace.


2. Be Clean!

Great hygiene is so rare. 

If you have a clean house, good hygiene, clean hair, and nice clothing, you are already ahead of the game.

Do the dishes. Make sure you have clean towels in the bathroom and all other necessities like toilet paper and soap for God’s sake. Make sure you’ve vacuumed, cleaned your bathrooms, and wiped down your counters. Light some candles for bonus points 😉

If not, get to it 👏

There are really no excuses for this one.


3. Be Yourself

It’s so rare to find a person who is honest and transparent these days.

If you show her your true self and all your quirks, not only will you develop an authentic relationship, but you will be appreciated for all that you are!

There is nothing more beautiful in love than understanding all there is to know about one another, even the imperfections.

Being unique is such a beautiful and underrated thing.

Love is all about adoring the other person for every single part of them that makes them who they are.

Women want someone who is confidently themselves and proud of all that they are. If you can’t even embrace who you are, how do you expect her to?


4. Be Passionate

Where is the passion?!

Show her how much you love life and all that you do. No matter what it is that you enjoy, own up to it fully and show her how much you care about the things that matter to you.

Obviously, don’t be a weirdo about it. Be suave. 

There’s got to be some fire in the relationship for it to last.

Be yourself, and don’t forget to smile.


5. Be Curious

Start conversations. Show her that you’re interested in learning more about her… but be genuine. 

From her personal life to her work life and hopes and dreams… inquire.

Charm matters. Be smooth, please.

Always be your authentic self, because if you aren’t it’s pretty easy to tell. If not right away, eventually she will pick up on all the clues…

Remember, women love to analyze…


Good luck out there! 



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