Why do almost half of the college students fail to graduate college?

College has become a hot topic of discussion lately regarding its value, sky-high tuition costs, and the discrimination students are facing at campuses worldwide.

From discriminating against the unvaccinated to negatively impacting students’ grades as a result of their dissenting views, people are sick and tired of the current climates on college campuses.

For almost a century, our public education systems have been encouraging all students to attend university and receive a degree. Many students who have chosen not to attend college have been ostracized by society and deemed “less than” those who have attended college.

The reality is now becoming more clear than ever:

College tuition does not match the value provided by schools in terms of education quality, job opportunities, and other resources students expect to receive from universities.

Even worse, many students are struggling with mental health issues including anxiety, depression, and severe weight gain as a result of attending university.


Startling statistics reveal more extensive information on students’ mental health troubles.


  • Suicide is the 3rd leading cause of death for college students.

  • Of those diagnosed with a mental health disorder, 75% have their first “episode” by age 24

  • 30% of students reported feeling depressed in the past year.

  • Half of students reported feeling overwhelmingly anxious in the past year.

  • Nearly two-thirds of students who developed substance abuse problems also were found to suffer from mental health disorders, such as anxiety and depression.



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