Patrick Bet-David delves into why 2024 will not be an ordinary year. During this pivotal moment in global politics, presidential elections will be held in dozens of countries and various social issues will come to a head…but does that mean 2024 is a year of chaos?

PBD has dubbed 2024 “The Year of Chaos.” Why? Because there are high-stake elections scheduled in over 50 countries across the world, set to dramatically challenge leadership in charge of 41 percent of the earth’s population and 42 percent of its GDP. Mettle will be tested from Russia to the UK, from India to El Salvador, and from South Africa to, of course, the United States.

Financier Paul Singer, the founder of Elliott Investment Management, argues global conditions are far more dangerous than the market realizes.

“The world is now completely dependent on the good sense of leaders to avoid an Armageddon,” the billionaire said in October. “It’s hard to avoid the conclusion that investors aren’t nearly as worried as they should be.”

Patrick explains the implications of these widespread elections and offers bold predictions about the future of global leadership.

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1. 2024 Will be the Last Election for the Mainstream Media

PBD predicts that this election cycle will be the last time the mainstream media will get the front-row seat at the coverage table. In the future, independent media outlets–predominantly operating on the internet through podcasts, videos, and news websites–will completely outdo the bloated legacy networks, whose anchors will have to navigate a new playing field with no teleprompters.

No one will be speaking to news hosts through earpieces and giving them detailed talking points any longer; instead, commentators will have to rely on their own intuition and instincts, which may spell doom for many familiar faces.

2. Trump Will Win: Enemies Will Become Allies, Allies Will Become Enemies

Just like in movies such as Gladiator, Hunger Games, and Divergent, people will realize that the elites have been pitting them against others who really aren’t their enemies. Weird camps you would never expect to become friends will unite, and figureheads that many thought were their friends will now be seen as foes.

Left-leaning media outlet Vox predicts that Trump will win the 2024 election. Many who will be voting for Trump will have previously hated him. Patrick believes that as long as nothing strange happens with the voting process or Trump’s legal cases, Trump will become the next president with the support of many new faces.

3. Democrats Will Introduce a New Presidential Candidate

At the time of the writing of this article, President Joe Biden is the presumed nominee for the Democratic Party and no viable candidate has stepped forward to challenge him. However, even a JPMorgan analyst predicts Biden will step down.

When the Democratic Party grapples with Biden’s slim chances, they will begin to scramble to put up a new nominee and vast chaos will ensue.

4. A Black Swan Event

Patrick believes it is likely that there will be what one CBS correspondent called a “Black Swan event,” such as a power grid outage, a cyberattack, or some other doomsday scenario. If this occurs (or perhaps it will be introduced from above by cunning globalist power-players…), significant disruptions to the election will be guaranteed.

However, he also believes that if enough people in independent media expose their intention to do this, (like when online creators brought attention to the strange messaging in the Obamas’ Leave the World Behind film and a subsequent Washington Post report about cyberattacks), they will be unable to convincingly pull this off. They will be stopped in their tracks.

Why would the elite introduce a Black Swan event? Simple: they have power and don’t want to give it up. As Pat said in the beginning of the video, this is a major election year and so much is at stake for them. If they rapidly lose control of governments across the world, their elite status may soon wither away. 2024 might be the last year of power for the global elite who have been administering the “liberal world order” since World War II.

5. Employment Decline

Surprisingly, we have yet to see real economic consequences from the COVID-19 pandemic. Unemployment is still around 3 to 4 percent…but if companies are forced to pay back their immense debts, which continue to mature, and their earnings drop off, many employees will get laid off.

Patrick Bet-David delves into why 2024 will not be an ordinary year but a pivotal moment in global politics, with presidential elections in dozens of countries

Additionally, an estimated 44 percent of companies are looking to replace human employees with AI technology.

Google intends to lay off 30,000 employees in its ad sales unit ahead of its planned AI transition. It has been predicted that 22 percent of companies are planning layoffs for 2024, affecting about 30 percent or more of their employees.

This will all take place unless Trump wins, in which case many companies will have confidence in the stability of the economy and likely won’t follow through on planned layoffs. But this could also be a blind spot for many, as the downturn may occur anyway.

6. War Casualties

If we look at the data, war casualties continue to increase. If current conditions do not change, they will compound. With Taiwan having an election coming up, and with the US elections in the fall, Blackwater founder Erik Prince has predicted that China will invade the island nation in the spring. North Korea is also now saber-rattling at the US, and Kim Jong Un believes his country has the capability of “thoroughly annihilating” America in a conflict. However, many of the world’s plutocrats may promote “dove” candidates and “big stick”-carrying leaders to lower the temperature and preserve peace.

7. Commercial Real Estate Downturn

The Bank Term Funding Program (BTFP), which was implemented to prevent banks from going out of business, is set to expire in March 2024. It is estimated that $650 billion in property debt is maturing in 2024. Investors will be demanding their debt payments with the high interest rate. The owners of the properties will not be able to make those payments. Banks willfully gave up this money, but they won’t get it back.

That means that this program will likely have to be extended. Commercial real estate is already taking a hit, with record office building vacancy rates across the country. The Aon building in Los Angeles, which was sold for $268 million in 2014, just sold for about $150 million. If all the real estate developers are suddenly pressed to pay their debts to the banks, industry-wide tumult will follow.

Shane Devine is a writer covering politics, economics, and culture for Valuetainment. Follow Shane on X (Twitter).

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