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In America, you can go to the city hall and register any business for less than $200. You can then call yourself a CEO. You can even get a business card and add the title, “CEO” to your card. But do you know what it takes to be a real CEO, a great CEO? It’s when hundreds of other people call you a CEO. At that point you’ve earned the right for other people to see you as a CEO. So today I get into the qualities of a great CEO.

#1: Know How to Manage Their Ego – 1:12

#2: Have a Touch of Humility – 3:07

#3: Are Extremely Driven – 3:34

#4: Care for Their People – 8:45

#5: Study Human Nature – 11:16

#6: Comfortable Handling Contradictions – 12:46

#7: Think Outside the Box – 15:11

#8: Have a Reputation – 15:45

#9: Great at Asking Questions – 19:00

#10: Want Feedback – 19:31

#11: Always Raising Standards – 19:40#12: Build Strong Alliances – 21:10#13: Speak Different Languages – 22:25

#14: Know Their Weaknesses – 23:31

#15: Know What They Do and Don’t Know – 24:03

#16: Very Decisive – 24:27

#17: Understand Timing 25:06

#18: Very Strong Drivers – 25:23

#19: Very Good at Rallying the Troops – 25:45

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