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You may be wondering why I’m doing a video on how to get married since I’m not a marriage counselor and typically cover entrepreneurship. The reason I decided to cover the topic of marriage is that a lot of people have requested an episode on this topic AND whether you marry and who you marry has a huge impact on entrepreneurs.

In this video you’ll discover:

#1: The Purpose of Getting Married – 3:16

#2: The Perfect Time to Get Married – 5:15

#3: Benefits of Getting Married – 6:49

#4: Benefits of Staying Single – 8:06

#5: Reasons People Get Married – 9:56

#6: Why Who You Decide to Marry is So Important – 14:34

A Debate with a Family Member on What Really Matters when Choosing a Spouse – 20:38

Words of wisdom from my dad – 25:14

#7: How to Get Married – 25:58

Learning from mistakes — 28:08

#8: How to Know When You’re Ready to Get Married – 29:22

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