Are you really safe on the internet? Patrick Bet-David dives deep into privacy encryption and how big tech collects and uses your data.

When Patrick polled X users on which encrypted messaging service they trust, Telegram came back around 50 percent, Signal was around 29 percent and WhatsApp was around 21 percent.

Signal and WhatsApp are linked together, as they were founded by the same person: Brian Acton, who had resigned from Facebook and participated in the #DeleteFacebook movement in 2018. Acton replaced Signal co-founder Moxie Marlinspike as CEO.

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Pavel Durov, the founder of Telegram who is worth more than $15 billion, recently said, “It seems that big tech companies in the US are not allowed to create their own encryption protocols, despite government interference.”

Signal is a nonprofit. Brian Acton put $50 million into it as a nonprofit in 2017. Small donations now account for about 25 percent of its operating cost. Telegram in 2022 roughly had a $52 million revenue and then WhatsApp $382 million.

Watch the rest of the video to learn how these apps intersect with powerful figures and institutions.

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