It seems President Biden can do no wrong in the liberal media – the man has had a long history of groping women and young children and making inappropriate comments to, and about young kids and yet, he still manages to avoid any accountability or call out.

In a recent press event for the film screening of “Flamin’ Hot,” actress Eva Longoria appeared on the South Lawn alongside the President and First Lady. Biden can be seen hugging Longoria with his hand placement a bit too high, grazing the sides of her breasts before Longoria took his hands off her sides and remained with them in her hands.

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If you are still skeptical of the ‘Creepy Joe’ “conspiracy,” back in 2015, when Joe Biden was Barrack Obama’s vice president, an article by Time Magazine was released, detailing multiple events where ‘Creepy Joe’ has harassed multiple women in front of national stages, next to husbands and fathers of the women.

Victims like Stephanie Carter, who was standing next to her husband Ashton Carter, as he was being sworn in as the defense secretary at the time. As Ashton was speaking, Biden rubbed Stephanie’s shoulders and whispered in her ear.

Another incident involving 13-year-old Maggie Coon, then Delaware Senator Chris Coon’s daughter, where he is shown on camera grabbing and ultimately trying to kiss her. Coons even took to Biden’s defense, stating that “he was being Joe” and it was his way of being “thoughtful and sweet.

Once stolen, multiple media sources had confirmed and released diary pages from Biden’s daughter Ashley, revealing discomforting and violating moments she experienced with her father in the shower. The two Florida residents who were found guilty of this property theft further confirmed that the diary was in fact, real.

Inside a January 2019 diary entry, Ashley wrote “I remember having sex with friends @ a young age; showers w/ my dad (probably not appropriate).

These are just three of the many inappropriate and unacceptable moments where Biden has crossed the line with women and young children – yet he seems to remain the most protected president in the United States.

Here are other examples of Joe “just being Joe”:

It makes one wonder if these incidents were made by former President Trump, would he receive the same treatment from the media? The real question is, where is the outrage?

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