Turkey should stay in Syria despite threats: BBP head
Grand Unity Party (BBP) Chairman Mustafa Destici

A Turkish member of parliament has threatened genocide against Armenia.

Turkish member of parliament, Mustafa Destici recently made some very alarming threats to exterminate the Armenian race and nation.

During a speech, Mustafa Detstici, the chairman of the Great Unity Party, a far right Islamist group, threatened to destroy murder and destroy the Armenian race.

“Unfortunately, every step taken by Turkey and Azerbaijan towards establishing peace in our region is being sabotaged by Armenia.”

“We say to the Armenian government – think carefully. I remind you, once again, that the Turkish nation has the power to exterminate Armenia from history and geography,” says Turkish Member of Parliament Mustafa Destici.

Not only does Turkey NOT acknowledge the first time they committed genocide when over 1.5 million Armenians were murdered, but now, they are threatening for a round 2.

Do you hear that? The world’s silence has never been louder.

Turkey is going after Armenia and Greece

Turkey falsely claims that the Greek islands in the Aegean Sea and Cyprus are Turkish territory.

Azerbaijan falsely claims that Artsakh and even Armenia, including its capital Yerevan, are Azeri territory.

According to Providence Magazine, “Armenians in Artsakh were subject to a genocidal assault by Azerbaijan and Turkey during the 2020 war against Artsakh that lasted for 44 days, from September 27th  to November 10th. The entire world watched while the aggressors committed many crimes and indiscriminately shelled the native lands of the Armenians.Around 90,000 Armenians were forcibly displaced.”

During his speech, Aliyev said that the Armenian capital of Yerevan, Armenia’s Lake Sevan and the Syunik (Zangezur) region in southern Armenia are “historic lands of Azerbaijan.”

To this end, Azerbaijan is targeting Artsakh and Armenia with the full support of Turkey. “We support Azerbaijan until victory,” said President Erdoğan of Turkey on October 6, 2020.

“I tell my Azerbaijani brothers: May your ghazwa be blessed,” says Erdoğan.

Ghazwa” in Islam means a battle or raid against non-Muslims for the expansion of Muslim territory and/or conversion of non-Muslims to Islam. Erdoğan openly claimed that attacks against the Armenian territory constitute jihad. Moreover, it was not only Turkey and Azerbaijan attacking Armenians. Turkey also deployed Syrian jihadists to Azerbaijan to fight against Artsakh, according to a UN report.

As an example, look at what the Islamic Turks have done to Hagia Sofia. The Greek Orthodox Church in Istanbul was converted to a mosque… A very disrespectful and disgraceful act to say the least.

Similarly, Turkey recently celebrated the 1922 Smyrna genocide against Greeks and Armenians, which, according to Turkish historiography, was just a “victory against Greek invaders”.

On September 4th, Erdogan threatened Greece in a speech:

“Greeks, look at history. If you go any further, the price will be heavy.”

“We have only one phrase for Greece: Do not forget Izmir [the city of Smyrna]. Your occupying the islands [in the Aegean] will not stop us; we will do what is necessary when the time comes. You know what we say: ‘Unexpectedly one night we shall come to [conquer] you’.”

Their “new” city, Istanbul, which used to be Constantinople, is LITERALLY a Greek word.

Istanbul comes from the Greek words “Is tin poli” or “εἰς τὴν Πόλιν,” which means “in the city” in English.

On August 30, which is celebrated as “the Victory Day” in Turkey, Erdogan said:

We see our enemies’ [the Greeks] destroying our cities during their withdrawal [from Anatolia in 1922] as proof of their vile character. Just like they are today.

What Erdoğan was referring to was Turkey’s genocidal attack against Greeks and Armenians of the city, also known as Smyrna, in 1922.

The Turkish hostility against the Greeks and Armenians has been ongoing for centuries.

This history of Turkish violence against indigenous Christians – inspired by Islamic jihad and Turkist expansionism – started in the eleventh century with the invasion by Turkic armies from central Asia of eastern Anatolia (or Armenian highlands), which was then within the borders of the Eastern Roman or Byzantine empire.

Turkish governments have been persecuting Christians since practically the crucifiction of Christ.

The peak of such persecution was from 1913-1923 when the Greek, Armenian and Assyrian genocides took place by Ottoman Turkey.

The International Association of Genocide Scholars and the United Statess (as of recently) recognizes as genocide.


Patrick Bet-David via Twitter
Patrick Bet-David via Twitter

Erdogan now plans to visit Israel…

 Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan greets people during the opening ceremony of Eurasia Tunnel in Istanbul, Turkey, December 20, 2016. (photo credit: REUTERS/MURAD SEZER)
Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan greets people during the opening ceremony of Eurasia Tunnel in Istanbul, Turkey, December 20, 2016. (photo credit: REUTERS/MURAD SEZER)

Ironically, Erdogan recently told Jewish leaders that anti-semitism is “a crime against humanity.”

Apparently, in Erdogan’s eyes, anti-semitism is a crime against humanity, but destroying the entire nation of Armenia is not.

Something does not add up here.



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