Tucker Carlson covertly launched a brand-new streaming platform on Dec. 7th, with pre-registration currently open to a select list of VIPs: his new domain, tuckercarlson.com, directs one to the waitlist screen below. Subscribers to Tucker’s email list were allegedly told about the launch and directed to the new site.

Tucker Carlson covertly launched a brand-new streaming platform on Dec 7 with pre-registration currently open to a select few on a new domain tuckercarlson.com

The longtime political journalist has been posting his content to Elon Musk’s social media platform X since he was fired from Fox News in May 2023. But it appears that could change.

It is not yet known whether Tucker will continue posting episodes of his new talk show to X, or if he will be migrating all of his content to his new website.

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According to sources familiar with the matter, Tucker Carlson joined X under the condition that Elon Musk would retweet the first 50 or so episodes of Tucker’s new show.

These included interviews with Douglas Mackey (a Trump supporter that was arrested by the FBI for a 2016-era Twitter post), a man who claimed to have had homosexual relations with Barack Obama, the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, “disgraced” former Trump campaign operative Steve Bannon, and former President of the United States Donald J. Trump—the last of which arguably qualifies for the most-watched interview of all time.

Tucker’s release of his interview with Trump during the same time slot as the first Republican primary debate of the 2024 season, hosted by Fox, was intentionally done to protest the event. According to sources spoken to by former CNN host Brian Stelter, Carlson’s unceremonious firing from Fox was partially due to his “unapproved” interviews with Orban, a populist right-wing politician known for his opposition to George Soros and the globalist vision for civilization.

In sum, there has been a shift in Carlson’s interviews toward ever-more controversial guests (topped off with an interview that is premiering tonight with conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, in which they will discuss his accurate prediction of the 9/11 attacks months before they occurred). This is widely seen to have been the result of his switch from Fox—whose producers impose strict guidelines—to X, whose new owner Elon Musk is radically committed to free speech.

That said, even Musk has his reservations: numerous far-right provocateurs and conspiracy theorists, including Nick Fuentes and Alex Jones respectively, remain banned from his platform X. Tucker’s content on his new website might be even more daring than what he has been uploading since being fired from Fox.

There is also the fact of Tucker’s personal interest in UFOs and similar “far-out” beliefs have not found the right home yet. If Tucker continues to post his political interviews to X, it is likely that his website would serve as a hosting service for longer-form documentaries exploring such arcane subjects in greater depth.

UPDATE (12/11/2023): Carlson put out two videos, one casually announcing the network on Dec. 9th, and second video announcing it with a trailer on Dec. 11th.

On Dec. 11, the website fully launched, complete with a list of interviews and a subscription model of $9 a month or an annual membership of $72 (33 percent discount at $6 a month). Other features of the Network include “After the Interview,” or behind-the-scenes clips; TC Shorts, which so far includes two videos, one of Tucker driving around Argentina before his interview with Javier Milei and another of him driving around Los Angeles with Ice Cube; and Tucker Carlson Films, a landing page for documentaries that are set to begin releasing in Spring 2024.

Tucker Carlson covertly launched a brand-new streaming platform on Dec 7 with pre-registration currently open to a select few on a new domain tuckercarlson.com

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