The long-awaited interview with Tristan Tate is here!

Patrick Bet-David and the social media influencer had an extensive conversation for the PBD Podcast after spending roughly eight months in a Romanian prison.

Now under house arrest as a criminal investigation against him and his brother Andrew is currently underway, Patrick hones in on “the other Tate” and gets his outlook on an array of topics, including his time locked up in a jail cell.

Here are some of the highlights (click here to watch the entire episode)…

1. It would be appropriate to open the dialogue with a question everyone is asking … what Tristan’s experience was while incarcerated in a Romanian cell, and what were Tristan’s thoughts on being arrested by association?

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Patrick: So, here’s my question for you. When we read the stories about why Andrew’s gone to prison — why did you go to jail? Why did you get banned? Why did they take your Instagram down? Is it guilty by association?

Tristan: It is guilty by association. I hate to say it, but I am fully aware that I would not have been banned or cancelled or probably ended up in jail if I wasn’t Andrew’s brother, but there so many benefits that comes with being Andrew’s brother that you have to take the good with the bad.

Adam: Where does this positive attitude come from?

Tristan: It’s always been the way me and Andrew are. We’ve shared in our successes — the first time he became a millionaire, we celebrated. The first time I became a millionaire, we celebrated. If you want to take all the good moments from having a brotherly relationship like me and Andrew have, and then he becomes the world’s most Googled man, one of the most influential men, by default, he’s attacked by the matrix.

I feel like I’d be more mad if I didn’t go to prison with him. I feel like I’ve taken all the good from being associated with Andrew and for him to be sitting in jail without me, it would just feel wrong. So, I’m not even mad — I’m the opposite of mad, I’m glad they wrote me in, I’m glad I’m guilty by association.

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Tristan: I became a Christian about six years ago. I spent a lot of my life as an atheist, and I’m so ashamed to say that. I don’t like the word. I think it’s a bad word nowadays because I was young and naïve, and stupid enough to think that people could be perfectly moral and live in a perfect, harmonious society without the need for religion.

About six or seven years ago, I looked around the world, literally, at what people were doing — the massive fetishization, I’ll call it, of abortion, the degeneracy in society, and everyone’s atheist. I thought, are these my people? And I was living in Romania, amongst the most orthodox Christian country in the world.

My daughter’s maternal grandfather is actually an Orthodox Christian priest, and I picked up the bible again, and I read it from cover to cover, front to back. That was six years ago, when I became a Christian.

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