Farming equipment and materials company Tractor Supply announced on Thursday that it was cancelling all “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion” (DEI) roles, ending its climate change program, and cutting all ties with the Human Rights Campaign, a prominent organization that puts pressure on corporations to promote LGBTQ narratives. This follows a campaign orchestrated by conservative influencers to bring attention to the company’s activism.

It posted its official letter on the matter to social media platform X. The company account’s bio reads, “Official Twitter of Tractor Supply Company, the largest rural lifestyle retailer in the United States.”

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“Wow. Incredible. All thanks to @robbystarbuck and free speech on X. We will get rid of DEI one company at a time,” Libs of TikTok wrote.

The company says it will no longer submit data to the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), redirect its team engagement groups to focus on mentoring on business matters, end pride festivals, end voting campaigns, eliminate DEI roles, and pull out of carbon emission limit goals while refocusing on land and water conservation initiatives.

The Human Rights Campaign is known for its Corporate Equality Index score, which it uses to grade corporations on their commitment to LGBTQ values and efforts. It also lobbies the US government for the creation of more LGBTQ programs. The HRC lists the criteria for its Corporate Equality Index on its website, which includes “Marketing or advertising to LGBTQ+ consumers,” “Philanthropic support of at least one LGBTQ+ organization or event,” and “inclusive benefits.”

Tractor Supply opened and ended the letter by vowing to serve its customers, being rural communities. “We are always here and ready to serve you and your family with our legendary service for the life you love. See you in the stores,” they wrote.

Conservative social media influencers had been putting the spotlight on Tractor Supply over the last few weeks, exposing what they saw as policies at odds with the company’s consumer base. Journalist Robby Starbuck in particular decided to “expose” the company, as he put it, filming a seven-minute TikTok breaking down their commitment to woke culture.

Shane Devine is a writer covering politics and business for VT and a regular guest on The Unusual Suspects. Follow Shane’s work here.

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