On Thursday’s episode of the PBD Podcast, Patrick Bet-David and the Home Team were joined by best-selling author, documentarian, and podcast host Candace Owens. Fresh off the premiere of her groundbreaking new documentary “Convicting a Murderer,” Owens sat down with PBD to discuss some of the biggest issues in American culture today.

Together, they broke down everything from failing foreign policy and weak Republican candidates to collapsing families and the effects of gender ideology.

Here are some of the highlights from the latest episode:

1. “Resume Doesn’t Mean Anything” – Ron DeSantis’ Missing “It Factor”

Right out of the gate, PBD asked Owens for her assessment of the lineup of Republican presidential candidates, specifically Florida Governor Ron DeSantis—and Owens didn’t hold back.

“He’s doing badly,” she said. “It’s a personality problem, and personality matters in politics.”

After a promising campaign launch earlier this year, DeSantis was considered a viable alternative to former President Donald Trump, and he had no shortage of donors. However, in the months that followed, he’s fallen behind significantly in the polls despite his very successful policy record in Florida.

“The number one thing is the ‘It Factor,’” said Owens. “It’s about how you work the crowd, how the crowd responds to you. Trump can do that…DeSantis has the opposite effect.”

But DeSantis’ problems go further than that. Owens and PBD also discussed why bad instincts and misguided marketing are keeping the governor from succeeding.

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2. “Eff Ukraine, Eff Everybody” – The Candace Owens Approach to Foreign Policy

Speaking of the Republican primary race, Owens also condemned the attempts by certain candidates to “make us cry for people in Ukraine” during the first debate.

“Are you kidding me?” an incredulous Owens asked. “Have you looked around America yet? Do you think this is what the people are going to respond to?”

As average people struggle to afford gas and groceries, the so-called “rich men north of Richmond” are focused on foreign intervention, spreading America’s influence even when other nations don’t want to embrace our ideology.

Providing a summary of the “Owens Doctrine” for foreign policy, Owens described the need for a peaceful approach that respects national sovereignty and prioritizes strategic partnerships without driving other nations towards America’s enemies in China and the Middle East.

3. “The Greatest Experiment in the World” – The Cause of America’s Decline

A new survey shows that the United States is now ranked as the third-best country according to Americans, following behind New Zealand and the United Kingdom. Despite the somewhat dubious methods behind the report, it raises an important question: is America still the greatest nation in the world?

According to Owens, America has always been the world’s greatest experiment…and now that experiment is starting to fail. “Many times, I ask myself if democracy and freedom are an illusion,” Owens admitted. “Coming out of COVID, we saw how much of a bureaucracy we have become.”

At the core of America’s decline is the destruction of the family unit, which Owens sees as the main cause of all the other ills in society. From transgenderism sterilizing the youth to climate change hysteria producing a full societal overhaul, she traces everything back to an effort to undermine nuclear families.

“Our culture is demonic,” she said…and one of the most aggressive aspects of that demonic culture is radical feminism.

4. “What Is a ‘High-Value Woman?’” – Nina Agdal, Kim Kardashian, and the Consequences of Feminism

Addressing the trend of childless middle-aged women encouraging others to follow their lifestyle, Owens described how this can only lead to a terrible outcome. “When you play with feminism for too long, it inevitably ends with Xanax, wine, prescriptions, and misery.”

In response to the hyper-feminization of society and the decline of true masculinity, millions of young men are turning to influencers like Andrew Tate in a quest to become high-value men. According to Owens, high-value women are just as important.

“A high-value woman wants to be the CEO of her home, is aspirational, and allows a man to lead,” she said, citing examples like Kim Kardashian and Nina Agdal to highlight the need for morality and self-respect. Despite their fame, both women have continued to suffer consequences from their past decisions, which Owens says has significantly reduced their value.

5. “Villains are Becoming Victims” – The Inspiration for “Convicting a Murderer”

To conclude the episode, Owens shared the story behind her new documentary “Convicting a Murderer.” Netflix’s hit 2016 true-crime series “Making a Murderer” strongly implied that Steven Avery, a Wisconsin man convicted of a brutal murder in 2007, was innocent and had been set up by police. However, Owens was motivated to investigate the claims further in what she called “a study of humanity and propaganda.”

Owens rejects society’s current efforts to recast villains as victims in media and entertainment, and her research eventually led her to uncover key facts that the Netflix series had omitted.

“Convicting a Murderer” streams exclusively on DailyWire.com, and the first episode is available for free on YouTube.

But that’s not all Candace Owens and Patrick Bet-David had to say. Check out the rest of the PBD Podcast to hear the full discussion.

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