The Biden administration seems to be catering strictly to one minority group rather than an entire nation of young men and women.

It also seems the Supreme Court is taking note after they declined to hear an appeal from a Christian college in Missouri, College of Ozarks, on Tuesday after the school initially sued the Biden administration over its decision to protect transgender people from “housing discrimination” in 2021.

According to housing discrimination under the 1968 Fair Housing Act, “housing discrimination is illegal in nearly all housing, including private housing, public housing and housing that received federal funding.”

The College asked the Court to block the Department of Housing and Urban Development directive that added “gender identity” to the definition of “sex” in the Fair Housing Act. The school’s appeal claimed the administration denied the school a “procedural right to comment on the proposal before implementing it.”

Lower courts sided with the Biden administration last year, finding that the College did not have any standing to sue finding that the school had not faced any imminent risk of enforcement.

The school’s attorneys believe the “result has mammoth implications” and “if HUD gets away with rewriting the FHA via the Directive, it has no incentive to ever go through the rule-making process. That eliminates judicial review until after an enforcement proceeding is complete and the regulated entity has already been harmed.”

“College of the Ozarks brought this challenge for one reason: The Biden administration was attempting to force them to open their dormitories to members of the opposite sex” said Alliance Defending Freedom senior counsel Julie Marie Blake. “Though the high court chose not to review this case, we are hopeful it will soon take up related cases…. College of the Ozarks will continue to follow its beliefs.”

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