Former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon delivered a major speech at Turning Point this weekend in which he predicted that “the left” will sentence Donald Trump to multiple years in prison. However, he also predicted Trump will ultimately prevail and be inaugurated president in January 2025.

“They have the greatest president this nation’s had since Abraham Lincoln, and by the way, you know on the 11th of July they’re going to sentence him to multiple years in prison—you understand that right? You understand what they’re doing in New York? And then they’re going to limit how he can travel, how it’s going to be court supervised. Why is that? To steal the election.”

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He went on: “Under no circumstances can they have the Trump administration take back over. They can’t have MAGA rule the country. They don’t care about this election, they don’t care how many votes we get, they’re going to fight us every step of the way.”

Nevertheless, he praised TPUSA for their voter mobilization and education efforts. Winning the election is the first step, he said; but then “Jamie Raskin,” the Democratic Representative from Maryland, will try to “steal the election” by claiming Trump is an insurrectionist and is therefore ineligible to become president. “[Raskin] talks about this all the time.”

Bannon underscored the importance of winning the House of Representatives to fight Raskin and his legal coalition on this point. Eventually, Trump will put his “hand on the King James Bible” and be inaugurated, Bannon predicted, smiling to the crowd and conjuring up images of a vast party at the White House reminiscent of Andrew Jackson’s bacchanals.

Bannon articulated a vision for a second Trump term: mass prosecution of the Biden administration, using the Constitution, for their lawfare and election meddling. “We’re going to purge DOJ, we’re going to take apart the FBI—the FBI, the American Gestapo. That building on Pennsylvania Avenue, we don’t need $400 million for a new headquarters. You’re not going to need a headquarters, there isn’t going to be an FBI. We’re going to get everybody out of that building, take it down ugly slab by ugly slab—it’s the ugliest building on Pennsylvania Avenue, and we’re going to do what the Romans did to Carthage: we’re going to salt the earth around it, so there will never be another building there again!”

“It’s going to be a new day, and MAGA will run things—the globalist elite, the uniparty will not run things in this country.”

He also had harsh words to say for “Wall Street” and “Silicon Valley,” equating them with the “elite uniparty.”

“If they steal this election, this republic ends,” he said.

Shane Devine is a writer covering politics and business for VT and a regular guest on The Unusual Suspects. Follow Shane’s work here.

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