The Walt Disney Company’s embrace of left-leaning cultural politics seems to have originated with chairman-turned-CEO Bob Iger, who urged the company to “take a stand” on politics in the wake of the January 6th Capitol riot.

In a January 2021 video uncovered by journalist Christopher Rufo, Iger—at the time serving as Disney’s chairman after his first stint as executive—told employees that the time to “shy away from politics” was at an end. Instead, he stressed the need for Disney to involve itself in hot-button issues like January 6th.

“I think we have to be less cautious…about such things and not be concerned,” Iger said in a two-minute clip shared by Rufo. “Like just commenting about what just happened in Washington last week [January 6th], that’s not political at all. We know what we saw was fundamentally wrong, and that it was rooted in hatred, disrespect, contempt, and intolerance. We should feel free as a company to comment about that without retribution.”

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Iger went on to praise himself and the company for advancing “diversity and inclusion onscreen” with films like Marvel’s “Black Panther” and Pixar’s “Coco.” However, he admitted that the success of these films had led him to become “complacent” and neglect the importance of representation within the company culture.

Shortly after posting this video on Tuesday, Rufo shared an additional clip in which then-CEO Bob Chapek (who Iger would later replace) committed to creating a racial quota for Disney’s charitable giving. Chapek also announced that $1 billion would be spent on “diverse suppliers” from “underserved communities.”

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Rufo was previously responsible for another series of video leaks in 2022, which exposed Disney executive producer Latoya Raveneau highlighting the company’s “not-so-secret gay agenda” to incorporate politicized content in its programming.

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