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In the midst of the current Russian invasion of Ukraine, Patrick decides to share his thoughts and perspective on the matter. Listen here: https://apple.co/3t8Ak7Z Episode guest host Adam Sosnick.

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0:00 – Start
1:58 – PBD Reacts to joe Bidens Press Conference
8:59 – Why Vladimir Putin Wants Control of Ukraine
17:20 – What would happen if Trump was president today?
20:42 – PBD Reacts To Putin’s Current Mindset
24:36 – The Rise in markets
28:53 – Consequences of Russia Invading
35:11 – Is there anything that would have kept Russia from invading Ukraine
42:28- The American Perspective on Ukraine
49:49 – Whats going to happen with China
58:34 – Will Trump Speak out against Putin?
1:03:52 – What can the average American do

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