Patrick Bet-David brought political commentator and strategist Sebastian Gorka to the PBD Podcast on Tuesday, and major topics were brought to the forefront.

1. A thorough analysis of George Soros

Patrick mentioned having watched a 2019 documentary on the Hungarian American businessman.

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Referring to the documentary, Patrick stated how Soros claims Hungarians see him as “the devil.” According to PBD, the documentary ends selling the story that Soros is “some kind of savior.”

Patrick: “I am very interested in this guy because his legacy is not going to go away. His son is going to take over.”

Gorka: “But his son is not his father — his son is not smart. He’s not like his dad.”

Patrick: “As a man that is from there (Hungary), how do they view George Soros?”

Gorka: “The average plumber probably doesn’t have any idea. The administration I worked for has effectively communicated in the media that this guy is anti-West, he’s bad; he’s bad for Hungary. If you’ve heard of him, you think he’s a bad guy.”

Patrick: “But why is he a bad guy?”

Gorka: “Why? Because he hates what the West is. I mean, he took Karl Popper’s concept of open society when he studied under Papa in the U.K. and he completely perverted it into ‘I will decide what is good.’

2. Can DeSantis defeat Trump in the primary?

Patrick and Sebastian then get into the topic of Gov. Ron DeSantis, former President Trump and the 2024 presidential election. PBD finds DeSantis’ marketing team to be weak, needing assistance to paint DeSantis in the proper light he deserves. Patrick asks Gorka, “Is he making the right job running today? Should he not be running? Should he be running? And what is the best, and worst case scenario at the end of this election for Gov. DeSantis, specifically?”

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Gorka’s major talking points: When bringing up the point of DeSantis possibly having been Trump’s vice president, Gorka said, “If he’s smart, politically, which I don’t think he is, he comes in VP or a member of the cabinet, whatever, and then he slides seamlessly into the top slot for 2028. That’s not happening now.”

“What the hell are you waiting for? And then, after the Bragg announcement and the indictment? He’s toast. Two things — the flip flop on Ukraine and then the Bragg indictment — this guy is not ready for primetime. What he did on that press conference the Monday after the indictment leaked, was despicable.”

“As a former JAG in the Navy to say, ‘I’m not going to get involved in these things’ — dude, he’s (Trump) a resident of Florida, you ARE involved whether you like it or not. And not once, but twice to make the ‘I don’t know about hush money for porn stars,’ — you’re a child. We saw the real Ron DeSantis on that Monday press conference.”

3. PBD and Gorka on Ukraine and Russia

Ukraine and Russia. Patrick asks Gorka what his thoughts were on the war between the two countries.

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Gorka’s major talking points: “I remember the good old days when conservatives hated KGB colonels and thought Russia invading other countries was bad. The idea today that ‘Oh, he’s (Putin) a champion of the West and he’s a Christian’ — you mean the same guy who persecuted Christians when he was a uniform-wearing member of the KGB? ‘What about the bio labs?’ Who built the biolabs? The Soviet Union built the biolabs, that’s interesting.”

“And then the question that ‘Well, we shouldn’t help them because Ukraine is corrupt.’ Huh? That’s the dumbest one. Is D.C. corrupt? Is Biden corrupt? If you do, does that mean China can just invade and roll their tanks down Pennsylvania Ave? This is wrong! The simplest way to understand it — corruption up the yazoo or not – this man is a bully.”

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