Patrick Bet-David went on “Club Random,” a relatively new podcast from comedian and longtime HBO host Bill Maher, on Sunday to loosely discuss politics and life. While Maher and PBD are known for being charismatic on their own shows, the pair mixed like oil and water over the weekend, failing to find common ground on just about anything, from the 2024 election and climate change to having children. And to top it off, their friendship went on the rocks when Maher forgot PBD’s drink request.

Maher tried to get away with saying Donald Trump is even more “full of dementia” than Joe Biden. When Patrick caught him on that and asked if he was serious, Maher tried to use it as an opportunity to catch him on being a Trump supporter. “Oh, you like Trump more than Biden? I mean, you can…”

After PBD continued to press him on this, citing Biden’s poor speaking abilities, Bill Maher pivoted to saying the topic was a “red herring” to the election. Maher then vehemently defended how the country is doing under Biden and sharply asked, “What are you worth?

PBD: “What am I worth?”

Bill Maher: “Yeah!”

PBD: “I was worth plenty before Biden. Biden didn’t do—”

BM: “Well, what are you worth now? Ballpark.”

PBD: “Few hundred million dollars.”

BM: “But you’re bitching things are not good.”

PBD: “Oh I’m not bitching. I’m not sitting here for me. My life is going to be good no matter who the president is. I’m not sitting here worrying about my life. I think you were fine under Trump, I think you were fine under Bush, I think you were fine under Obama, I think you’re going to be fine no matter who is president.”

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Then, the discussion turned to the topic of California Governor Gavin Newsom.

“First of all, I love him,” Maher said, maintaining that Newsom is “obviously a winner.” Maher said he wishes Newsom could run for president but instead “we” [Democrats] need to tiptoe around Biden.

Patrick asked him clearly to name the areas in which Newsom has secured victories. “Winner of the election!” Maher blurted out.

When Patrick again asked him to name results, Maher demurred and shrugged: “Oh God, I don’t know. He made it rain, okay dude? It wasn’t raining, and now it’s raining.” He then followed this up by bizarrely saying: “I don’t know, I don’t follow the news.”

Then they went personal and domestic…and Maher found the concept of Patrick’s “four kids” almost too much to believe.

PBD: “I’d have 20 if I could.”

BM: “Why do you want 20 kids?”

PBD: “What’s the purpose of living if you don’t have kids?”

BM: “Seriously?”

PBD: “Yeah.”

BM: “Well, again, the way you frame it, is just off-putting, because it’s like, it’s assuming all of us—and we’re so varied as a human race—that all of us think the same way. For many millions and millions of people the purpose of living is to avoid having children, is to enjoy your life.”

Maher said having kids boils down to “trading your life for someone else’s.” Maher deplored how it “used to be” when women were judged failures if they didn’t “vomit out some f***ing spawn to do God knows what in the world.”

“Generally, like, I’m not that in love with the human race, that I’m like ‘oh, we need more of them’ … I f***in’ hate kids!” Maher added.

Later, Maher went on a rant about how humans are inherently selfish and cruel creatures, and how if he could reduce the world’s population by multiple billions of people he would do so in a heartbeat.

Perhaps the most widely discussed moment of the episode was when PBD asked Maher for a cocktail after his host forgot to make him one. PBD emptied his glass waiting for ice, but Maher appeared to have been too lost in the joint he was whirring around to remember…

Maher at least was able to end the episode on a good note. “Hey listen, I gotta go back to my day job. This was really a lot of fun, I’m really glad I got to know you a little bit. I know you’re going to do great things, because you’re a go-getter. Look where you got already: all the way from war-torn, Tehran was it? All the way to hundreds of millions of dollars? Pretty good journey, huh? What a country?”

“The best!” PBD replied.

“Okay, we can agree on that. Thank you.”

Shane Devine is a writer covering politics, economics, and culture for Valuetainment. Follow Shane on X (Twitter).

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