Valuetainment founder and CEO Patrick Bet-David delivered a speech on day one of TurningPoint USA’s 2023 event “AmericaFest,” a gathering of thought leaders and other figures in the American conservative political movement.

Unlike other speakers during the multiple-day circuit, Bet-David decided to focus his critical ire in a different direction: internal, rather than external.

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After giving a rapid-fire list of enemies — globalists, mainstream media, Larry Fink, etc. — as well as his greatest fear, “losing God’s favor,” Patrick went into a list of factions or communities he believes are holding good Americans back.

1. Tolerant Christians

This group professes a deep belief in Christianity, and often discuss their practice of it, but the main way they do so is through tolerating everyone and everything. In doing so, they let slide everything they claim to stand against, until the point where we have sexualized elementary school curricula and no prayer.

“What interpretation do you have of who Jesus was?” Bet-David asked. “Do you think Jesus was a guy going around saying “it’s ok, it’s ok, it’s ok”? Or do you think he stood up and managed expectations with people?”

If we want church attendance, donations, and general belief in Christianity to rise, Patrick believes we have to oppose the tolerant Christians and fight for a tougher, more Biblical Christianity. Additionally, the way for Christians to fight demographic displacement by Muslims is simply by having more kids. Having 5-10 kids per family and being tough on them is the main way to fix our country’s culture.

2. “Do Your Thing” Libertarians

By propagating the ideology of “do your thing, I’ll do my thing,” libertarians have created conditions that prevent a society with conservative values from being possible.

While beginning with unrelated struggles, like acceptance for marijuana, the “do your thing” trend has reached all the way to gender theory and beyond, where public schools are now decidedly compromised institutions.

Libertarians need to realize there is more to politics than “freedom,” as freedom is empty if the society that is free is rotten to the core.

3. Lazy Scared Rich Conservatives

This group is made up of wealthy Republicans who are more concerned about being disinvited from the cool parties in their communities than they are about putting up a fight. By neglecting the culture war, and by refusing to be as outspoken as possible, rich conservatives have allowed the movement to be pushed into a backroom while wealthy liberals like Marc Benioff and Jeff Bezos buy up all the cultural and educational institutions in American society.

Conservatives always complain that such things have a weak rate of return, but some things in life are more important than immediate financial gratification. If conservatives keep allowing the wrong people to buy classic American outlets like Forbes, Washington Post and TIME, they will utterly lose the next generations to the ideas of their enemies and there will be no country free enough left to do commerce in.

These media networks have price tags that are negligible compared to the billions of dollars possessed by some magnates with conservative values, but they act like penny pinchers. Pretty soon there will be no battle left to fight because it will have been decided in liberals’ favor.

Watch Patrick’s full speech below in which he also discusses growing up in Iran, why he decided to dedicate his life to promoting American values, and what he thinks about the 2024 election:

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