Even with a full week to sit on this announcement and really soak it in, many people are still seeing red after Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s decision to mandate tampons in men’s restrooms across the nation.

This new law is outrageous! While Canada has many real issues to focus on, somehow this fringe concern took priority.

Under the change to the Canadian Labour Code, which went into effect on Dec. 15, “menstrual products must be in all toilet rooms regardless of their marked genders.”

Currently, the mandate only affects government buildings, military installations, and airports—but as with any government regulation, the private sector is sure to follow suit eventually. Small businesses are often at the end of their rope trying to make ends meet. Soon, under what is likely to be intense government pressures, business owners will be told to suck it up and stock feminine supplies in men’s restrooms across the country. A large company can absorb this type of expense with its bloated budget.

But for the little guy…this is merely a new form of “Tampaxation by Regulation.”

(AP Photo/Nam Y. Huh)

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These regulations will also normalize “choosing your gender” for the next generation of Canadian kids, affecting school restrooms and sparking conversations about what those weird cotton things in the bathroom are actually for.

Realistically, what would a group of teenage boys do if left unattended with a tampon dispenser? I’ll tell you…

They’ll get turned into nunchucks, thrown at the ceiling, turned into rockets…just about anything besides their intended use.

Because why would boys need tampons?

Outside of the fringe left, the only group applauding this toxic and shocking decision is the plumbers’ union, which is about to make a killing once a few hundred tampons get flushed.

Offering a product exclusively needed by women used to be optional, even in the women’s restroom. Now it’s mandatory in the men’s?

This is just Trudeau’s latest attempt to check another virtue signal box…and by doing so, lighting a fuse to a lot of unintended problems.

Trudeau is probably betting moderates & conservatives will be irrationally emotional about this decision for about a week and then get over it…but not everything passes that quickly.

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