McDonald’s has recently launched new locations that are run entirely by robots—not a single human employee. These Texas, Colorado, and Nevada stores are the most recent to be tested without a single walking, breathing person to help with orders, cooking, pick-up, or drive-through. While most have used automated kiosks in fast food establishments, these robot-only McDonald’s stores will serve customers through every step of the fast food process.

Diners can use kiosks to place orders inside the store or they can order ahead of time with the app. Completed orders are delivered via conveyor belt or they’re available on pick-up shelves, and food delivery drivers have a distinguished area to access orders.

McDonald’s will likely receive backlash for this move but it’s not surprising for the corporation to pivot with innovation once again. They were the first fast food restaurant to start franchising and to expand inside malls and Walmart. The use of robots in place of people will cut down on the company’s hiring expenses, human errors, and the ever-growing number of altercations.

The market share McDonald’s controls has drastically decreased despite it remaining the most profitable fast food establishment. A tough contender, Chick-Fil-A currently dominates the malls, and its drive thru lines are consistently more packed than the those of the golden arches.


  • Soft drink and coffee vending machines have been around for decades. Put your money in and receive a product.

    No employees.

    So the McDonalds innovation is a much larger version of a vending machine. The menu is larger that the offering of a soft drink and coffee machine.

    It’s a larger vending machine, this time drive thru.

    Thank you
    Anthony of Sydney