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On this episode of SOSCAST, Adam Sosnick talks to @ModernLifeDating (MLD), alongside a panel of lovely ladies including Natalya Delvalle, Neyleen Ashley, Melina Goransson & Angela Knight. MLD talks Passport Bros, the difference between Eastern vs Western women, and who modern women look up to. After Jeff Bezos lost $38 billion in his last divorce he is engaged again. Dumb move? Pus, the 6 signs of daddy issues, women’s biggest turn offs from men, the height bias in dating, and an OnlyFans 304 that refuses to date real men. Learn to get PAID, LAID and do it YOUR WAY – only on The SOSCAST!

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Adam “Sos” Sosnick is a professional networker, financial expert, and podcast host at Valuetainment Media. Sos is a “millionaire minimalist” who values experiences, and relationships and pays it forward.

Sos has lived a true rags-to-riches story. Combined with wealth, a strong network, and a desire to help people Sos started creating innovative content on social media breaking down money in a language everyone can understand. This led to partnering up with Patrick Bet-David, CEO and founder of Valuetainment, a business contact he has known for over 10 years. Now Sos hosts SOSCAST where “Finance meets Romance’’ and co-hosts PBD Podcast, a top-rated business podcast. Sos is a major advocate for pursuing success, fulfilling your purpose, and ultimately increasing your status. Invest in yourself, help the people around you, and #SaveThatMoney! #modernlifedating #selfimprovement


0:00 – START/ Introductions
11:20 – Nationalities and Diversity of the Panel
12:20 -MLD Explains difference between American and Japan
22:00 – Melina and Destiny’s relationship
24:10 – Laws of Hypergamy
26:30 – How many women are actually getting flown out?
36:00 – MLD’s advice to men
42:00 Passport Bros and International Dating
50:50 – HOOK UP Culture Debate
1:03:45 – The price of Pu**Y is LOW!
1:05:00 – Prenup Debate starts
1:09:00 – Jeff Bezos Remarries
1:25:00 – “I would be happy to be a sex slave”
1:28:40 – “i respect the f out of mothers”
1:38:00 – “my dad tells people to subscribe to my onlyfans
1:41:35 – 6 signs of DADDY ISSUES
1:50:52- MLD and Angela Knight Bump heads!
2:02:00 – MLD LEAVES show

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