Republican candidate Valentina Gomez, currently in the running to become Missouri’s Secretary of State, quite literally torched the LBGTQ agenda in a campaign video on Tuesday, sparking outrage with her scorched-earth proposal. In the now-viral video, the 24-year-old Republican promises rid local libraries of “grooming” books before incinerating the offending literature with a flamethrower.

“When I’m Secretary of State, I will BURN all books that are grooming, indoctrinating, and sexualizing our children,” Gomez declared in an X post accompanying the video. “MAGA. America First.”

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“This is what I will do to grooming books when I become secretary of state,” said Gomez as she unleashed gouts of flame on two books on a nearby stool.

These books come from a Missouri Public Library,” she said as the books were reduced to ashes. “When I am in office, they will burn.”

The video concludes with Gomez’s campaign poster and a photo of her holding a rifle and wearing tactical gear. Her post has racked up over 2 million views since Tuesday.

The two books destroyed in Gomez’s fiery display were identified as Naked: Not Your Average Sex Encyclopedia by Myriam Daguzan Bernier and Queer, 2nd Edition: The Ultimate LGBTQ Guide for Teens by Kathy Belge and Marke Bieschke.

After multiple community complaints, X has reportedly restricted the post’s visibility for violating the platforms rules against “hateful conduct.”

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Whether meant literally or metaphorically, Gomez’s promise to oust pro-LGBTQ literature from schools and libraries is part of a growing Republican effort to restrict concepts like gender ideology and critical race theory. Missouri is one of nearly 40 states that has passed a bill to restrict these subjects in public schools since early 2021.

As part of her campaign for Missouri Secretary of State, Gomez also stirred up controversy by confronting presidential candidate Nikki Haley about her previous business dealings with defense contractors and military manufacturers. The recorded interaction resulted in Gomez and her brother being forcibly removed from Haley’s campaign event by security.

Connor Walcott is a staff writer for Follow Connor on X and look for him on VT’s “The Unusual Suspects.”

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