So here’s the deal…   

I’m an educator.   I’ve taught more than 7000 students in 18 years, opened 3 private schools, planned and executed international summer camps, etc.

What does that have to masks and neuronal atrophy in the brain?  

EVERYTHING.  As an obsessively studious learner + practitioner of pedagogical and cognitive science, I learned alot about how to massively optimize learning through specialized brain stimulation exercises.  One series of them being using emotional parody role-plays to activate our amygdala.  ( Responsible for emotional regulation, short term memory and more. )

Check this out;   

A related brain exercise is in making facial expressions to help develop the fusiform gyrus.   

When we read the literature deeply, we find that these two areas of the brain are integral to building our identity.    In short: Prolonged mask use destroys our identities and our ability to connect emotionally with other people.

There is an interesting book called, “The brain that changes itself”,  which shows clearly that “Neurons that fire together, wire together.” and if you don’t use them, you LOSE them.  We are in danger of losing our humanity.  It only takes one generation to be twisted up to change everything.

FEAR is being used to train people to OBEY in a very Pavlovian way.   That rhymes so it’s gotta be true.    

Fear and submission to authority have been programmed into us by compulsory schooling.   

Change my mind.

Many people wanna hear sweet lies instead of harsh truths.   They just want authorities to tell them everything is gonna be ok and to sing them a sweet lullaby as they are lead to slaughter.

Are you a sheep?  Or a LION?

If you’re a LION, check out this small but growing online social club;


In related news,

Here’s some advice I gave to some of my students and their parents recently;

Advice for parents
Facial expressions help keep brains healthy.

Below is an excerpt of a video my daughter made for your amygdalae and fusiform gyrus + visual cortex viewing pleasure;

Snapchat and others are great for having fun with friends and family.  Look what silliness I got up to for my daughter and my students;

#USAMagicDad is the best!

I hope this article tickled your brain and woke up your inner child!   

Thanks PBD and the VT gang for making this platform available to dorks like me! 


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