Kevin Maginnis, 57, went viral for losing almost 60 pounds by eating food from McDonald’s for every single meal over a period of 100 days.

Maginnis, a grandfather from Nashville, told local TV news station WSMV that he garnered success with his “McDonald’s diet” by simply managing calories and portions, eating only half of what he ordered for every meal. An added dieting bonus, Maginnis enjoyed the quarter-pounders, apple fritters, Big Macs, and French fries saying he “never got burned out” on the food selections.

He also explained on NBC’s Today show that drinking only water and cutting out snacking in between meals assisted with the 58-pound weight loss. Maginnis claims that his blood sugar and cholesterol numbers improved as well. “I was pre-diabetic before—down into healthy ranges now,” Maginnis said.

He goes on to acknowledge that the results were not driven by the nutritional properties of the fast-food, itself but the reduced portions and caloric intake. “Half the plate to lose the weight—three quarters of a plate to maintain the weight—any food, including McDonald’s,” Maginnis claimed. A “water only” policy is likely to be partly attributed to his success.

Impressed with his progress, Maginnis’ wife even joined the challenge around halfway through his 100-day journey, reporting a 20-pound deficit in the shorter timeframe.

In a viral TikTok, Maginnis celebrated his 100-day McDonald’s diet completion by stepping on a scale to reveal his 58.5-pound reduction.

While Maginnis’ tactics involving portion control and reduced caloric intake are proven effective for weight loss and should be noted, a healthier long-term plan would combine the strategy with nutrient-dense foods such as vegetables, low-sugar fruits, and quality proteins to ensure adequate vitamin and mineral intake.

A host from NBC’s Today show commented that Maginnis’s McDonald’s-only diet “obviously isn’t sustainable.” Maginnis playfully quipped: “Don’t be bitter while I’m eating my apple fritter and losing weight.”

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