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Jed devotes today’s episode to a deep dive into statistics on dating and relationships, including the pay gap myth, why there are less female Fortune-500 senior executives, and the substantial physical, mental, and financial benefits of marriage for men. She digs into divorce, infidelity statistics, and the different reasons why men and women cheat. She closes by reacting live to viral TikTok videos on marriage and dating that get a lot wrong.

About the show:
Welcome to your new favorite free-speech zone. Join TV dynamo Jedediah Bila as she unravels what’s broken in this country and takes on hidden agendas that threaten our health, our happiness, and our very freedom. Known for her fearless commentary and passion for free-thinking minds and spaces, Jedediah will dig into politics, health, relationships, and pop culture with media faces you love — and ones you love to hate. She’ll break down what’s at stake in the fight for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, enlisting movers and shakers along the way who call it like they see it and tell it like it is. And she’ll do it all in her signature no-bullshit style. Get ready to laugh, explore, uncover, and be empowered to take on anything and everything.

0:00 – Start
4:58 – The truth about the gender pay gap
11:05 – Why are so few female executives in the fortune 500 companies?
17:56 – Are women better employees than men?
22:52 – Is marriage good for men?
30:00 – Marriage can help prevent cancer
39:41 – Why do people cheat?
48:23 – Fresh and Fit on how men do not benefit from marriage
51:38 – The consequences of being boring
55:53 – Andrew Tate on why men shouldn’t get married
1:00:59 – Why middle age women struggle to find a partner

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