Argentine President Javier Milei implemented a new policy on Tuesday banning the use of “inclusive” gender-neutral language from all government offices and documents. The policy, announced via presidential spokesman Manuel Adorni, will also ban “everything related to the gender-based perspective” throughout the public administration.

“They are going … to initiate the proceedings to ban inclusive language and everything related to gender-based perspective throughout the national public administration,” Adorni said. “Of course, you already know all the details. You are not going to be able to use the letter ‘e’, the ‘@ symbol’, the ‘x’ and avoid the unnecessary use of the feminine in all documents of the public administration.”

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By default, Spanish, the official language of Argentina, genders its nouns, adjectives, and other parts of speech, ascribing the masculine -o or feminine -a to even inanimate objects. As progressive gender ideology mainstreams nonbinary identifications and non-gender-conforming pronouns, activities have attempted to rewrite Spanish grammatical rules to be more “inclusive,” replacing the existing suffixes with gender-neutral ones like -e, -x, and even -@.

This has led to the popularizing of terms like “Latinx” as an alternative to “Latino” or “Latina”—an incoherent word that is not only unpronounceable in Spanish but also considered actively offensive by most native speakers. The changes are also frowned upon by the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE), which preserves the correct use of the language.

In Argentina, Milei’s predecessor, socialist-leaning President Alberto Fernández, prioritized inclusive language in official documents. However, according to Milei, these “Marxist” ideologies will no longer be tolerated.

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“The language that contemplates all sectors is the one we use in the Castilian language; it is Spanish,” Adorni continued. “I don’t see why we have to have structures and we are not going to participate in a debate about that because we consider that gender-based perspectives were also used as a business of politics.”

During his 2023 campaign, Milei called this a symptom of “the madness of stupid political correctness” during an interview.

“It’s basically like saying: ‘Oh, if you don’t recite cool socialism or if you are not woke then you are violent, you are a danger to democracy.’ Come on guys!”

Milei’s new document policy mirrors one adopted by the Argentine military in December, which mandated the use of only RAE-approved language in its manuals and regulations.

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