The Brooklyn Nets Thursday practice is making headlines ahead of Friday night’s game. During a press conference after practice, Nets guard Kyrie Irving said he “cannot be antisemitic if I know where I come from.” If you’ve been following the latest controversy with Irving, you’re still waiting for an apology, or you think the donation is an apology. 


Here’s a breakdown of what led to Kyrie Irving’s latest statement. Last week, the Nets player posted a link to the movie that contained offensive antisemitic material. He has deleted the social media post but not before receiving backlash. The backlash grew after Kyrie refused to apologize, saying he didn’t create the movie. It was just something he shared. Fast forward to Wednesday night, and the NBA player and the Brooklyn Nets issue a statement announcing that $500k will be donated to combat antisemitism. Kyrie stated, ” I am aware of the negative impact of my post towards the Jewish community, and I take responsibility.” 

Back to Thursday, and the NBA commissioner is not impressed at all. Adam Silver issued a statement of his own, calling Kyrie’s post “reckless” and saying he appreciates the donation but was “disappointed” in the player’s decision not to apologize. Minutes later, Kyrie is asked several questions about the controversy. In his response, he seems to never give a clear apology. 



This controversy is still ongoing. Kyrie’s press conference after Thursday’s game may have just added fuel to the fire. Next week, the NBA commissioner says he and the Nets player will have a meeting. What’s to come of it is unknown, but we will be waiting for the outcome.




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