I created this chart yesterday. I want you to grade yourself. I’m going to give you different levels to it:

  • Top right: This is a person that’s 100% selfish with 0% selflessness.
  • Center: two collide – 50 50, meaning they’re 50% selfish, 50% selfless.
  • Top left: is a person that’s a hundred percent selfless, meaning that they only focus on other people’s needs before their own.

Which one is more realistic, and which one doesn’t exist? We created a chart and gave it a name with 11 different levels. If a person is a 100% selfless and 0% selfish on the bottom, that’s non-existent. It’s a myth. You know why it’s impossible for a person not to be selfish? If you’re not selfish, you don’t eat, you don’t drink, you don’t take care of yourself, you don’t wash, you don’t do anything. You don’t exist.

A person cannot be 100% selfless, either. However, at the top, when you look at the person that’s 100% selfish and 0% selfless, those people can actually exist. Some of them are criminals, sociopaths and are a danger to society. Why? Because they’re willing to sacrifice. Friends, family, relative business, career, it doesn’t matter. They’re 100% all about themselves.

The next level would be somebody that is 10% selfish and 90% selfless, meaning they’re selfish enough to eat, to shower, to have a job, to do the basic type of things. But they will agree with anyone.

People who are 30/70 – these are people are passive, meek, submissive, tame, not selfish enough to start getting some kind of progress about them. They’re still more in the net negative community.

40/60 – supporting cast, very good supporting cast, very helpful. They’re great people to be having in business to help out with different structures, but they’re still in the middle, a thought advisor.

50/50 – They’re good thinkers. They get you to think because they can both be selfish and they’re selfless. So they’re actually a good person to have on the team because they can give you both sides of what to do and what not to do.

60/40 – The synergist of the team. They have goals, they have dreams. They go out there and get it done. They push other people. There’s somebody that you’re going to want in any great organization because they’re 60/40 and they have their own things but still want to drive to improve the company and improve themselves.

King Maker, the Driver – These people are misunderstood. These people are going to be pushing everybody, raising standards, disturbing people, but at the same time, they are selfless enough. It’s about a bigger dream, a bigger cause, a bigger vision where everybody wins instead of just them.

80/20 – Solopreneur. They’re still a net positive to society. They set an example of success but they’re bad at duplicating meaning. Not a great leader, not great at driving other people, but they’re good for themselves.

90/10 – Narcissist. The world revolves around them, and a narcissist is actually not a net positive to society. They’ll use you as a pawn. They’ll look at you as a way to get what they can get out of you.

I’m not doing this to make you feel good. When I create charts like this, I go and think about myself; how I was at 18, then 28, and what I have to choose to change, and it wasn’t easy. Then 34, then 35.

There’s a method to the madness. Click HERE for the full How-To video.


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