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Do you remember being 16 or 17 years old and living with your mommy and daddy? Every time you wanted to do something, your mom and dad rightly said, “We pay the rent here. You do what we tell you.” When you turned 18 you got your own apartment. You had privacy and freedom, it felt good. The same goes for you as an entrepreneur. When you finally go and sign your own office lease, you feel free. Since it’s your business and your place of operation, you get to do what you want with your business.

My goal for this video is to equip and educate you about signing an office lease.
00:00 – Start
1. How Much Space Do You Need? – 1:41
2. Location – 2:08
3. Affordability – 2:23
4. Term – 3:01
5. Parking 3:07
6. Foot Traffic – 3:21
7. Legal – 3:38
3 Types of Office Space – 4:06
Rent – 4:54
Credit – 5:51
Motivation – 8:01
Your Motivation – 8:23
Broker – 9:01
Broker Relationship – 10:34
Building Owner’s Broker and Your Broker – 14:10
Building Owner – 15:27
My Recent Experience with Negotiating Office Space – 17:29

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