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If you’re a teenager considering entrepreneurship as a career, and if you’re asking, “How can I find a mentor to show me the way,” hang tight. Before you spend thousands of dollars on online experts and gurus that say they’ll change your life, hang tight. First, watch this video where you’ll learn what you should look for in a mentor.

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Before Getting a Mentor Know What Level You’re At – 1:30

Tier 1: $0 – $3,000 Per Month – 2:04

Tier 2: $3,000 – $10,000 Per Month – 2:24

Tier 3: $100K – $1 Million – 2:34

Tier 4: $1 Million and Up – 2:39

The TEA Theory – 3:36

How to Find a Mentor – 6:40

A Dead Mentor – 6:45

Online Mentor – 7:55

A Local Center of Influence – 9:03

Shadow a Successful Entrepreneur – 10:31

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