On today’s show, Jed talks with world-renowned nutritional therapist, sports nutritionist, and founder of a world-famous health coaching clinic, Ryan Carter (@livevitae on Instagram). They dig into the causes of rising male infertility, why Big Pharma’s approach to anxiety and depression is wrong, the truth about eating beef and what it can do for your body, the dangers of a B-12-deficient plant-based regimen, why a diet of bugs and lab-grown fake meat will fast-track you to illness, how sleep deprivation damages your organs, and why we’re an increasingly fatigued society. He offers insight and solutions into what ails the bodies and minds of much of the population in 2022.

0:00 – Start
11:30 – How radiation can lead to infertility
18:41 – How Big Pharma drugs increase anxiety and depression
28:35 – Is red meat bad for you?
33:24 – Is shellfish dangerous to eat?
41:32 – The importance of sleep
48:48 – Why are people scared of the sun?

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