High-profile movie actress Gwyneth Paltrow testified in court on Tuesday after being sued over a 2016 ski collision on the beginner slopes at Deer Valley Resort in Utah. The result of the crash left victim Terry Sanderson with four broken ribs and a traumatic brain injury.

According to an eyewitness who was skiing with Sanderson, Paltrow was at fault for crashing with him before allegedly skiing away.

“I heard this scream, I looked over, and then I saw this skier slam into the back of Terry,” Greg James Ramone told the court, referring to Paltrow. “Very hard, and she hit him directly in the back.” Ramone, who is a friend of Sanderson, was also skiing with him and mutual friends on the day of the accident.

Deer Valley ski instructor Eric Christiansen, who was teaching Paltrow’s son at the time then approached the scene and shouted to the unresponsive Sanderson, to which Ramone responded.

“He was very hostile. Eventually, I told him ‘Man you need to mellow out here,’” Ramone testified. The instructor yelled “what did you do?” to an unconscious Sanderson.

Sanderson’s sue towards the Oscar winner back in 2019 led to a countersue from Paltrow for negligence, claiming that he crashed into her. According to NPR, she recounted him being uphill from her and her family when he plowed into her back.

Paltrow’s attorneys grilled Ramone during cross-examination.

After a court ruling dismissed a potential “hit-and-run ski crash,” the 76-year-old is now seeking $300,000 in damages after initially seeking $3.1 million. Paltrow is seeking but $1 in damages.

The trial is set to last about a week with it being unknown whether Paltrow will take the stand or not. The trial will be live streamed on YouTube.

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