Jedediah Bila LIVE Podcast Episode 2 – On today’s episode of Jedediah Bila LIVE, Jed responds to inquiring tweets. We will also cover taxpayer-funded Drag Story Hour at your kid’s school in NYC, an animal shelter in CA that bans NRA Supporters from adopting pets, Chelsea Piers coddling employees “hurt” by a DeSantis event, and the CDC hoping Covid-19+ people quarantine from their pets.

0:00 – Start
2:09 – Responding to Twitter “Gotcha’s”
18:14 – $200,000 In Tax Payer Dollars Have Been Spent Putting Drag Shows In NYC Libraries
31:00 – Animal Shelter BANS NRA Members From Adopting Pets
40:50 – Chelsea Piers Apologizes For Inviting Ron DeSantis To Their Event
47:29 – Remembering The Trauma That Was Caused When Trump Won The 2016 Election
53:00 – Can You Catch COVID From Your Cat?

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