In a special interview years in the making, Patrick Bet-David sat down with Reza Pahlavi, the exiled crown prince of Iran, for a discussion of the past, present, and future of their shared homeland.

The Islamic Revolution in 1978-1979 ousted Pahlavi’s father, the last Shah of Iran, and reinvented the nation into the Islamic Republic of the modern day. But as tensions escalate between Iran and other world powers, highlighting the true consequences of the Ayatollahs’, many have begun to hope for a return of Iran’s rightful rulers.

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As a native Iranian himself, Patrick was eager to hear from the prince on this issue—and in this unprecedented three-hour discussion (available in both English and Farsi), the world’s questions have finally been answered.

From the Shah’s downfall and the Ayatollah’s rise to the influence of the CIA and the Jewish government, and from America’s decline to the modern Middle Eastern crisis, this one-of-a-kind interview covered it all.

Stay tuned to for highlights and standout moments from this unforgettable episode.

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