Dr. David Martin spoke before the European Parliament in Brussels at the International Covid Summit recently, stating the COVID-19 coronavirus was “accidentally or intentionally released.”

The intention was to create widespread acceptance of vaccines through initiation of a world-wide pandemic.

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Dr. Martin presented the following provocative, evidence-based points through an in-depth timeline:

  • 1965: The coronavirus, a modifiable agent which causes disease, was discovered by scientists. “Later we started learning how to modify a coronavirus by putting them in animals such as dogs and pigs,” Dr. Martin stated.
  • 1990: Pfizer’s first coronavirus spike protein vaccine is founded based on the animal modification practice. Soon after, drug makers discovered that coronavirus vaccines did not work. “Because the coronavirus is a malleable model, it mutates,” Martin said. “Every medical publication concluded that coronavirus escapes vaccines because it modifies and mutates too rapidly for a vaccine to be developed.” Thousands of publications cited these findings.
  • 2002: The University of North Carolina patents an “infectious replication defective” clone of coronavirus. Dr. Martin’s interpretation of the phrase was “a weapon to target individuals, but not have collateral damage to other individuals.” He went on to explain how that patent was filed in 2002 on work funded by NIAID’s Anthony Fauci and it “mysteriously preceded SARS 1.0 by a year,” concluding SARS did not occur in Wuhan, nor was it naturally occurring. “SARS is the research developed by humans, weaponizing a life system model to actually attack human beings and they patented it in 2002,” Dr. Martin proclaimed.
  • 2016: A journal article was published which stated, “SARS coronavirus is poised for human emergence,” Dr. Martin went on to explain.” What, might you ask, was the coronavirus poised for human emergence? It was WIV1 – Wuhan Institute of Virology Virus 1. Poised for human emergence in 2016 at the proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.”
  • 2017/2018: The following phrase commonly entered the medical community: “There will be an accidental or intentional release of a respiratory pathogen,” Dr. Martin claimed.

He went on to read a statement from the proceedings at the National Academy of Sciences in 2015.

“To sustain the funding base beyond the crisis, we need to increase the public understanding of the need for medical countermeasures, such as the pan-influenza, or pan-coronavirus, vaccine. A key driver is the media and the economics will follow the hype. We need to use that hype to our advantage to get to the real issue. Investors will respond if they see profit at the end of the process.”

Dr. Martin concluded his presentation saying, “Nature was hijacked. This whole story started in 1965 when we decided to hijack a natural model and decided to start manipulating it. Science was hijacked when the only questions that could be asked were questions authorized under the patent protection of the CDC, the FDA, the NIH and their equivalent organizations around the world. We didn’t have independent science – we had hijacked science.”

Watch the entire clip below:

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