On the latest episode of the PBD Podcast, journalist and news anchor Chris Cuomo returned to the Vault for another conversation with Patrick Bet-David and the Home Team. Together, they discussed the politicizing of law enforcement, New York’s decline, and much more.

Here are some of the standout moments from the sit-down with Chris Cuomo:

1. “The FBI Is Not a Leftist Group” – Political Bias in Federal Law Enforcement

As a longtime member of the mainstream media, Chris Cuomo spent years questioning those in power … but that changed when Trump began attacking those same institutions. Suddenly the media found itself defending groups like the FBI from the president, a move Cuomo called “perverse and uncomfortable, but clever.”

But despite Trump’s attacks on “corrupt” federal law enforcement, Cuomo does not believe that the FBI is a left-leaning institution. In addition to life-long Republicans like Christopher Wray and Robert Mueller running the bureau, he reported that average FBI agents tend to lean right on a “guy-for-guy” basis.

However, if this is the case, then what factors led to the FBI’s massive overreach in prosecuting people for January 6?

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2.“Dramatic Economic Impact” – Wealthy New Yorkers Flee the State

Cuomo, a lifelong New Yorker whose family held office in the state for multiple generations, has had a front-row seat to the state’s recent hardships. In an interview, his brother, former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, highlighted the problem of wealthy residents fleeing to other states — taking 90 percent of the tax revenue with them.

This emphasis on promoting quality of life and defending business owners seems to be at odds with the Democratic Party’s current platform, which Cuomo argues was at the center of his brother’s political downfall.

3. “So Does Trump Have Your Vote?” – Chris Cuomo on the 2024 Election

Discussing his “two-point policy plan” for securing the US-Mexico border, Cuomo emphasized the need for increased processing and security…but he also argued that “we’re not a wall away from being safe.” While former President Donald Trump promised to “build the wall,” Cuomo believes that this was nothing but a metaphor, and even that failed to become a reality.

Despite his concern about border reform and immigration, Cuomo wouldn’t commit to backing Trump in 2024. While the United States “survived” under Trump’s first term, “we’re not better for it.”

However, as Cuomo said, “I’m always open” to the possibility.

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