Veteran comedians Dana Carvey and David Spade recently criticized Dr. Anthony Fauci’s flip-flopping covid vaccine policy and as with most hilarious comedic bits, there is a substantial amount of truth backing their jokes.

The banter began with the two funnymen looking back on the COVID-19 pandemic during a podcast appearance together. Carvey broached the topic with a sarcastic line, saying, “I miss COVID.”

Spade joined in with his disbelief in the COVID-19 prevention protocol as he referred to the vaccine being highly suggested to undocumented immigrants crossing the border, as opposed being forced through a mandate like it was in several industries, including Hollywood. He said, “I know! Dude, dude! You know when I knew there was trouble? When anyone that came to our country didn’t have to get a vaccine, and I go, ’If you’re telling me that I can’t go to work, but everyone coming in doesn’t have to get one.’”

Carvey then stole the spotlight back, recommending COVID-19 vaccines and countless booster shots, while adopting a fairly accurate rendition of Fauci’s accent: “OK, I’m sorry, if you’ve had two boosters and two vaccines, you can get and give COVID to another guy who’s had five vaccines and four boosters.”

Carvey asked, “What’s the difference between a vaccine and booster?” Switching back to his Fauci impersonation, he remarked, “I don’t know, it’s just more vaccine but booster sounds better.”

Carvey continued as Fauci, saying, “Anyway, a guy with 25 vaccines would get and give COVID to another guy with 25 vaccines. That’s why I’m introducing the daily COVID shot. Every day you get a shot. By the time you get to your car, you got no immunity, but it’s a beautiful 39 seconds.”

The clip concludes with the camera zooming in on Carvey as he pulls down his sunglasses, smirking for the punchline, as Spade lets out a laugh.


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