Move over BET! Just like that, we have a new king of hip-hop. Conservative commentator and Daily Wire co-founder Ben Shapiro (aka Jew-pac Shakur) surprised the world by collaborating with rapper Tom McDonald to create a new hit single.

The song is called “Facts”…and it’s currently the number-one rap song in the world.

It immediately flew to the top of the charts with a #1 ranking on iTunes and is currently trending at #2 on YouTube with a can’t stop, won’t stop trajectory.

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Shapiro (or maybe we should call him Bensta-Rhymes?) is known for two things on his daily podcast: sharp criticism and speaking quickly.

Ironically, it seems like he had to slow down in order to make sure we could understand the incredible verse he laid down.

Nicki Minaj, who got bumped from the top of the rap charts, couldn’t help but take notice. At first, she didn’t believe it was real…

Then, once the song took off, she accepted her fate. She had been name-checked and dethroned in this new diss anthem.

Shapiro also went on to brag with bravado, as most rappers do, about his own wealth—something uncharacteristic of ol’ Beminem.

One line that particularly stands out, “My money like Lizzo, my pockets are fat,” has sent reverberations throughout the industry. Can you even say that?!

Ben, a classically trained violinist, clearly wanted all the smoke, even though he previously showed nothing but disdain for rap in a viral tweet from 2012.

He then went and proved it, climbing to the top of the genre with very little effort on his first attempt. At the end of his dope bars, he even signs off with his biggest diss of all:

“Nicki take some notes. I’m just doing this for fun.”

Many are upset because, in their minds, the rap genre belongs to the African-American culture. They barely accept Eminem—and that’s after decades of hard work. But just like that, Jewp Doggy Dogg emerged from some secret tunnel and lit up the charts like a menorah.

Which brings up a very serious subject.

Perhaps the urban youth who’ve dominated the art form have not been as talented as we were led to believe. When you think about it, rap just might have been white music from the start. Although it sounds good at first, you realize most of it comes from hit songs and beats of the White artists that came before: Sting, Pink Floyd, Lincoln Park, Metallica…the sampling never ends. These were songs we already loved.

Take Pdiddy, Puffy, Puff Diddles (or whatever he is currently calling himself). He freely admitted in his own song:

We take hits from the ‘80s? (Yeah, Yeah!)

But do it sound so crazy? (Yeah, Yeah!)

Vanilla Ice’s biggest hit came from sampling Queen’s “Under Pressure.” Listen to the beginning of both songs and then decide who the real composer is. These so-called artists are merely putting words over previously curated music.

But if we are to accept the genre at all, then we must accept the new kosher GOAT. He’d better get a big clock and wear it around his neck, because only time will tell what’s musically next for Ben.

Something tells me that with overnight success and an audience craving more non-woke rap with a conservative point of view, The Daily Wire may soon be able to enlist Michael Knowles, Jordan Peterson, and Candace Owens to form a new group.

The JewTang Clan, if you will.

But for now, it’s clear: a new trap king has been crowned, and his name is The Notorious B.E.N.

Kevan “K-von” Moezzi creates hilarious content for Valuetainment Comedy and is the host of The Right Show. He also tours the nation as a standup comedian. Follow K-von on X (Twitter).

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