A video purportedly depicting an unidentified flying object (UFO) that went viral in April 2023 is making the rounds again after “ufologist” Jaime Maussan verified that the clip is authentic. The footage has been described as the “best UFO footage ever.”

“We are facing one of the greatest UAP (UFO) evidences of all time; captured by the Captain Pilot Aviator Jorge Arteaga,” Maussan reportedly wrote on X, referring to the Mexican pilot that allegedly captured the projectile on video. Maussan also made a point to credit Pilot Lieutenant Ryan Graves, who once testified before Congress about unidentified aerial phenomena, for “analyzing and validating the clip” with him.

The object was “something totally unknown without means of propulsion with movements that he considers intelligent,” Artegea reportedly told Maussan.

Artegea said he was flying in airspace near the Colombian region of Antioquia when he spotted the object, which hovered in place briefly before rocketing past his cockpit toward Medellin.

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Maussan is also known for asserting that he discovered the bodies of two aliens, claiming that 30 percent of their mummified genetic material had no counterpart on Earth.

Whether the wider scientific community will back up Maussan’s claims or authenticate Artegea’s footage is yet to be seen.

As Valuetainment reported in September 2023, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) created a new position called “Director of UAP” due to the high number of reports about such phenomena.

Shane Devine is a writer covering politics, economics, and culture for Valuetainment. Follow Shane on X (Twitter).

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