Michael Knaapen, the chair of the Maryland Democratic Party LGBTQ+ Diversity Leadership Council, was reportedly caught romantically pursuing someone he believed was a 14-year-old boy in a sting operation.

Knaapen was confronted by the men running the sting operation. Their exchange has been posted on X.

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Knaapen exchanged many sexually-charged text messages and explicit images with someone he believed was a 14-year-old boy. According to Alex Rosen, who was involved with the sting operation, all related evidence was turned over to police in November “and they didn’t want to do anything with it.”

According to their website, the LGBTQ group was established to “energize activists through the state, register voters, amplify the Democratic message, engage with members of the diverse LGBTQ+ communities, and supplement the coordinated campaign to turn out Democratic voters throughout Maryland.”

Although they have removed all personnel descriptions from their website, Rosen posted a screenshot from before they were removed.

The LGBTQ group Knaapen chairs was scheduled to host a pride event at Vice President Kamala Harris’ residence in Chevy Chase, Maryland on Saturday evening.

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