President Joe Biden had another episode of mistaking long-dead European politicians  for contemporary ones on Wednesday, confusing German Chancellor Angela Merkel with former Chancellor Helmut Kohltwice.

This follows from a flub at a campaign event this past weekend in which Biden referred to his time at a recent G7 summit  with French President François Mitterrand —a man who has been dead for over twenty years.

“Mitterrand from Germany — I mean, from France — looked at me and said “You know, what — why, how long you back for?”” Biden said.

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Biden, 81, is currently fending off accusations of cognitive decline, a narrative which is now increasingly being suggested by members of the mainstream corporate press.

The situation was made even worse for the Biden administration when a top cybersecurity staffer in the Executive Office of the White House told investigative journalist James O’Keefe that White House officials are well aware Biden is “slowing down.” Despite Democratic operatives’ desire to get rid of Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, they feel like they can’t because no one in modern history has recalled a president, and the optics would therefore be terrible.

A recent poll from NBC News found that 75 percent of American voters are concerned about Biden’s mental and physical health.

President Joe Biden had another episode of confusing a long-dead European politician with a contemporary one on Wednesday: Chancellor Helmut Kohl

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