On Tuesday’s episode of the PBD Podcast, former NFL wide receiver Terrell “T.O.” Owens joined Patrick Bet-David to discuss his legendary football career.

Here are a few of the highlights and standout moments from today’s episode:

1. “You Need Someone to Fear” – Terrell Owens’ Fatherless Home

According to Patrick, every young boy needs three things to thrive: “someone to love, someone to respect, and someone to fear.” In a stable home environment, all three of these things are fulfilled by a father.

But in the case of those like Owens, who are born into fatherless homes, the structure and support a male parent provides can be harder to come by. Owens discussed how he managed to fill that gap in his family and still find a way to succeed and learn from his parents’ mistakes.

2. “I’m Better than Jerry Rice” – Is Owens the Greatest Footballer of All Time?

In his 15 seasons with the NFL, Owens earned a reputation as one of the greatest wide receivers in the league’s history, building a record for the third-highest number of receiving yards and touchdowns. But while his NFL career ended in 2010, just before an off-season injury, Owens maintains that he would be ranked even higher had his career continued.

With more time on the field, Owens argued that his stats would rival those of players like Randy Moss and Jerry Rice. But is Owens really the football world’s GOAT (greatest of all time) or just “BFNR (big for no reason)?”

Watch the full episode of the PBD Podcast with Terrell Owens to see what else the legendary wide receiver had to say.

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