Jim Chilton, a rancher whose family have owned property on the southern border in Arizona for five generations, warned that terrorists could be among the swarms of migrants he sees crossing from Mexico every day. He adds that the southern border is woefully unguarded by border patrol.

This follows comments from Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs, a Democrat who has had enough and is now confronting President Joe Biden about the border crisis. She sent a letter to the President, sharply criticizing his negligence on the issue and requesting a reimbursement of more than $512 million to cover the costs of “federal border inaction.”

Recently, Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ) posted pictures of a border town called Lukeville upon which “thousands” of migrants have descended.

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Chilton owns a massive portion of land on the southern border near the city of Arivaca. According to him, he has not seen a border patrol agent on his property in three months. At the same time, he claims to observe waves of illegal migrants crossing into the country daily.

He believes the drug cartels orchestrate diversions that take the government’s attention away from other points of entry, at which they direct hordes of migrants to cross. He also believes the cartel is fully in control over the illegal crossings and smuggling operations on both sides of the border.

“Our border is five and a half miles, but it’s even more critical and dangerous than that. It is a possible terrorist operation,” Chilton said. “People coming to our ranch are in camouflage and carpet shoes, and they’re coming through not to be seen. There are gotaways. How many are terrorists? The Border Patrol tells us that about 20 percent are packing drugs to poison our people.”

Chilton adds that security cameras have been installed along the border but have not been turned on.

As Valuetainment previously reported, Texas has reported a new record of 12,600 for single-day crossings. Additionally, Texas Governor Greg Abbott recently signed a bill to make illegal immigration a state crime, which hands more power to local law enforcement.

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