It was worth the wait.

Patrick Bet-David brings his audience Part II of the highly anticipated and exclusive interview with one of the most famous and controversial young men of our time — Andrew Tate.

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With the rise if AI, specifically regarding programs like ChatGPT, Patrick discusses the potential problems behind AI-generated images, dubbed “Deep Fake.” Tate responds with “normal people” being replaced by a machine, today. He recommends that those normal people step up to the plate in business and elevate their work ethic as the world becomes even more competitive. 

Patrick: The direction we’re going with “deep fake,” right? When it comes down to AI, where do you see the threat? Is that something you think about, is that something you see as an opportunity, as a threat? If yes, which part of it?

Tate: That’s a really interesting question – deep fakes are certainly going to change the world because what we’re going to have is, we’re going to have a post-truth society and then the only way they’re going to tell you what’s true or not is some committee which decides what’s true and what to do. Then they’re going to be in charge of the world, and then they’re going to lie to you, and then you’re in real trouble.

In regard to AI, I think it has to be adopted. Inside of my school, Hustle University, we teach AI with absolutely everything – a lot of images we generate, even on my Twitter accounts – all AI. What’s actually scary about the modern world is – I don’t consider myself old, I’m 36. But some of the children, I call them 17, 18-year-olds inside of my school, they’re AI wizards and they can do magic with this stuff.

I think if you’re a truly exceptional person, you don’t have to be afraid of nearly anything. In my experience, in nearly every business in the world, you have 10% killers and then you have a bunch who want the paycheck – they do their job – but I wouldn’t say they’re killers. Sometimes when I hire, I’ll say, ‘either get one killer, or three normal people,’ because that’s the reality.

I think that those three people who have to do their jobs enough to not get fired, they turn up mostly on time but they’re not really that motivated, those are the ones who have to fear AI. I think businesses in the near and medium term are going to become killers in AI.

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