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Jed weighs in on a feminist panel triggered by Andrew Tate and masculinity. She discusses what they get wrong on Tate, men, and politics. She then reacts to a woman saying she’d never change to please a man and a woman saying she gave up her youth to become a surgeon but is now miserable and alone. Jed discusses video of a stay-at-home husband, digs into a simp boyfriend, and shares her take on Megyn Kelly’s beef with Matt Walsh about career women. She closes with a fantastic example of big-government wreckage in Canada and a reminder that CBDC’s are well on their way.

0:00 – Start
6:25 – Reaction to feminists triggered by Andrew Tate
19:45 – Feminists ramble about masculinity and prove they know nothing about me
33:38 – Woman says she’ll never change to please a man
38:08 – She gave up her youth to become a surgeon and is alone and miserable
41:41 – Women are lying if they say they want guys like this
46:38 – Instagram boyfriends are a sad bunch
53:22 – Megyn Kelly vs Matt Walsh twitter debate on career women
1:02:06 – Canadian government reminds us why big government wrecks society
1:06L18 – CBDC’s are on the way

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Welcome to a free-speech zone where dating, politics, and hot debate come to life. Join former television host Jedediah Bila as she unravels what’s broken in the dating game, tackles the dangers of modern feminism, and exposes The System’s multifaceted, hazardous agenda. Known for her fearless commentary and passion for freedom and free-thinking minds, Jedediah digs into such topics as “toxic” masculinity, the modern feminist agenda, big-government tyranny, how men and women are different, the dangers of pornography, societal neutering of men, and the problem with a culture of promiscuity. She holds women, men, and political elites accountable in her signature no-bullsh*t style. She stands up for liberty, personal responsibility, and traditional values, rallying against The System’s desire for an increasingly weak, puppeteered, entitled culture. And she does it all in a combination of solo and interview-style shows that are sure to get you thinking and fired up to join the conversation.

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