Add cycling to the list of sports that men are dominating in the women’s category. And now one consistently female cyclist is fed up.

Tiffany Thomas, born a man, placed first at the Randall’s Island Crit, one of the nation’s biggest female cycling races.

After that incident, and another where a man took the bronze, a champion, born female cyclist declared that she just can’t do it anymore. “I have decided to end my cycling career,” said Hannah Arensman. She came in fourth place, explaining how bizarre it was to “be flanked on either side by male riders awarded 3rd and 5th places.”

“My sister and family sobbed as they watched a man finish in front of me, having witnessed several physical interactions with him throughout the race,” she continued.

Thomas is 47 years old, about 20 years on average older than most female pro cyclists. On winning the medal, Thomas said, “I’m not going to lie, sometimes it made me feel like a superhero when I wore it.”

Another professional female cyclist echoed Arensman’s sentiments, using the hashtag “SaveWomensSports”:

Thomas shot back on an instagram post saying the detractors’ “intent was to intimidate and harass transgender athletes (in this case me) to make our lives as miserable as possible so that we leave the sport. I just happened to have a better day on that particular day. They will assuredly beat me at future races.”

See? No magic ingredient necessary. The born women-women will win next time, for sure.

LA Sweat proudly touted their corporate wokeness. They’ve been sponsoring Thomas and plan to continue doing so. ““Your existence on this team does nothing but immensely add to it with your teamwork and motivation. We got you!”

And we got you here with the truth, whether trans activists like it or not. Make sure to share, don’t let this story fall through the cracks.



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