In an interview with political commentator Tucker Carlson posted on Tuesday, NFL quarterback Aaron Rodgers shared that presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. approached him about being his Vice President. Rodgers tells Tucker that he “thought about it.”

Rodgers and Tucker also talk in the interview about issues surrounding COVID-19, including the NFL’s vaccine policy and the quarterback’s criticism against it. Tucker began the interview, apparently taking place at his dining room table, by telling the audience that the two had shared dinner there previously.

Tucker also shared that many of the SEAL team members used fake vaccine cards to get around the vaccine mandate for military personnel, according to a Navy SEAL he spoke to. Likewise, Rodgers said that many NFL players opted for fake vaccine records.

In mid-March, election coverage in the media featured speculation as to who would be Kennedy’s running mate. Jesse Ventura and Aaron Rodgers were mentioned in an NBC news article.

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CNN sought the opportunity to accuse Rodgers of spreading conspiracy theories about Sandy Hook, as previously reported by Valuetainment. The CNN article was unable to provide evidence beyond two witnesses as to what Rodgers had spread, and he retorted that he believes that the events did take place in an X post.

On March 26th at a rally in Oakland, California, Kennedy announced Nicole Shanahan as his running mate. Shanahan is “a California based attorney and the founder and president of Bia-Echo Foundation,” according to a Stanford Law bio.

Kennedy currently polls at an average of 10.8 percent, taken from a list of polls gathered by RealClearPolling.

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