The fourth annual Vault Conference hosted by Patrick Bet-David at The Diplomat Resort in Miami, Florida once again exceeded expectations, as 3,000 attendees including entrepreneurs, business owners and future leaders spent four days brainstorming and networking while improving their mindset, business plans and future wealth.

In addition to learning priceless skills over the seven sessions, attendees were treated to enlightening interviews with renowned restauranteur Will Guidara (author of “Unreasonable Hospitality”), seven-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady and boxing legend Mike Tyson.

The diversity of the attendees was evident throughout the conference, with over 20 countries represented as well as business owners at every stage of their journey, from multi-millionaires to young startups trying to raise capital. Building systems, strategies and understanding how to get the most out of your employees while building an inner circle of confidants were among the many lessons learned during PBD’s business boot camp.

PBD not only unwrapped the story behind his business successes, he shared inspirational stories about his journey that everyone in attendance took to heart. Finding a self belief, a commitment to outwork the competition and to see the future were all key elements to Patrick’s message throughout the conference.

Interviews with three of the most successful people in their fields over the last three-plus decades were undoubtedly highlights for every attendee. Guidara’s 90-minute sit down with PBD provided an in-depth perspective on how he managed to develop what would become the #1 restaurant in the world and what he prioritized as an operator.

Brady’s passionate interview on the second day provided a glimpse into a side of his personality that many have never seen, from overcoming obstacles during his time at the University of Michigan to how he emerged as arguably the greatest and most accomplished quarterback in NFL history.

“What you know is very limited and what you don’t know is limitless and you have an opportunity every day to surround yourself with people who will help you grow,” Brady said.

Tyson and the attendees had an incredible hour-plus Q&A, with the former champion taking two dozen random questions ranging from his childhood to his thoughts on Islam and what drove him to be great. It was at times emotional (Tyson wiped away tears when asked about the late Cus D’Amato, his trainer and father figure) and hilarious (Tyson abruptly asked the audience if he could take a quick bathroom break, citing “getting old”).

PBD also made a few announcements at the event, including purchasing the domain as he continues to invest in his media company Valuetainment.

He also launched a new drink called “The Vault” that “Unlocks Your Inner Genius” while also teasing a new location for the event in 2024.

The event was a smashing success by all measures, with attendance records set and a sense that everyone who spent four days learning, networking and finding that next gear in their career or personal journey left feeling great about their week in South Florida.

We’ll keep you posted on the latest details for the 2024 event, including how to purchase tickets and updates on dates and location.

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