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In the last few weeks I’ve gotten a lot of requests to do videos on entrepreneurship having to do with family, how to run a business with family, what it means to be married to an entrepreneur, and what you should know before dating an entrepreneur.

In this video, I decided to do an episode dedicated to mothers, and why I believe most mothers would make very good entrepreneurs.

Here are the 14 Reasons Why Moms Make Great Entrepreneurs

#1: The Tend to Deliver Bad News Gently – 1:08

#2: They Have Natural Leadership Instincts – 1:45

#3: They’re Not Afraid to Speak Their Mind – 3:04

#4: The Talk to Mentors – 3:51

#5: Urgency – 5:13

#6: Natural Networking Skills – 5:41

#7: They are Trustworthy – 6:47

#8: They Display Emotions – 7:22

#9: The Ask a Lot of Questions – 8:34

#10: They Make Very Good Negotiators – 9:49

#11: They are Superior Multi-Taskers – 10:32

#12: They Have Better Problem Solving Skills – 10:55

#13: Tolerance for Pain — 11:12

#14: Event Planning — 12:18

Bonus Point: They Tend to Unite People — 13:05

For detailed notes and links mentioned in this video, please visit

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